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How To Tell If Your Carpet Needs Stretching?

Everyone who owns carpet certainly agrees that it adds comfort and style to your home. While having your carpets cleaned on a regular basis is important for cleanliness, overtime you may need to repair your carpets in other ways. Like most things, damage is inevitable and there are different reasons for your carpet being ruined, even if the initial installation was done perfectly. Many carpet issues are preventable such as vacuuming in areas with heavy foot traffic or regular deep cleanings, but time is something you can’t control. Fortunately, there are methods out there for restoring your carpet to its previous state that go beyond cleaning and avoid a full carpet replacement. One such method for repair is stretching the carpet.

What Is Carpet Stretching?

Although many people may not be familiar with this expression, it’s pretty straightforward. Carpet stretching involves pulling the carpet tighter and reinserting it into place. So how do you know when you need this practice done? There are a few obvious signs to look out for:

  • A wrinkled or lumpy appearance
  • Areas that don’t lie flat
  • Carpet pulling up at the edges or where other flooring meets
  • Burns and holes
  • Seams and pulls

Acting fast is the best way to get your carpets looking their best. Carpet stretching should be done by professionals since it requires special equipment and experience. Companies may vary in what method they use, for example, Impressions Carpet & Hardwood uses full room pole stretches, which stretches the entire room making your carpets look fresher and beautiful. Other companies may opt for using knee kickers and tacking strips to make the carpet taut.

If you’re looking for repair services such as carpet stretching because your carpet is showing telltale signs of damage and you’d like to restore it to its original condition, then you should get in touch with Impressions Carpet and Hardwood in Arvada, CO.

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