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How to Maintain Your Upholstered Chairs and Sofas

The sofas and chairs we have in our homes are places of rest and relaxation. They serve as a place to unwind and take a break from activities. These furniture pieces are sometimes used every day, and because of that, they need regular maintenance. Otherwise, the upholstered furniture will begin to look worn and dirty. Whether there is excessive use or not, upholstered furniture can be susceptible to stubborn stains, pet hair, accumulation of dust, and more. Proper maintenance can help extend the appearance and service life of upholstered fabric sofas and chairs. Below we will cover how to maintain these valuable pieces of furniture for long-term appearance and value. At Impressions Carpet & Hardwoods, we offer top-quality upholstered furniture cleaning services to keep your precious upholstered furniture looking elegant and timeless for as long as possible, along with other cleaning and restorations services for carpets and hardwood floors.

To help you maintain your upholstered furniture between regular cleanings, here are some tips:

Clean Spills Quickly

Accidental spills happen and sometimes on upholstered furniture. In order to prevent staining, it is important to pay close attention to spills and clean them off of your upholstered furniture quickly. Never rub the spill, which will only press it deeper into the material. But rather, blot the spill with a soft, clean cloth. If you use a spot cleaner, test the product on a small, discreet location before applying it to more visible areas. This will allow you to tell if this stain protection is the right match for the fabric, before applying it to a stain or visible area.

Vacuum Often

Vacuuming upholstered furniture once per week is often sufficient to prevent accumulation of dust and debris from lodging into the fabric. If you have leather upholstery, then dusting the leather furniture about once a week with a soft, clean cloth should be sufficient. If your vacuum cleaner has a crevice tool, you can use it to clean in tight areas and corners, and ensure to be gentle.

Protect From Sunlight and Pollutants

If your upholstered fabric is exposed to direct sunlight for a lengthy period of time day after day, it may fade or fray. If possible, position furniture so that its exposure to sunlight is limited – this is particularly helpful for delicate fabrics such as silk. Also, minimize the dispersion of fumes and smoke in the vicinity of your furniture due to cooking.

Rotate Cushions

You can extend the appearance and service life of your upholstered furniture by regularly rotating the cushions. Move and flip the sofa cushions about one time per month to help prevent them from flattening. You can also move and turn throw pillows on occasion to keep them fluffy.

Professional Cleaning

In addition to routine maintenance and cleaning, it is ideal to have upholstered furniture cleaned by professional cleaners at least once a year – more if kids and/or pets are present in the home. A professional upholstery cleaner will help remove deep odors and soil, and bring back the furniture’s colors. The result is a fresh, revitalized look that makes your furniture look and feel brand new.

To learn about our upholstery cleaning and other services we offer for carpets and hardwoods at Impressions Carpet & Hardwoods, give us a call today at 303.274.5100 or reach us through our contact form.

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