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Common Carpet Issues & How to Repair Your Carpet

No matter how much you clean and take care of your carpets, there are a few issues that you will face along the way. Below, are some common issues with carpets:

  • Wear – Over time, carpets will begin to exhibit some wear. Proper cleaning and upkeep are the best methods to keep your carpeting looking spotless for as long as possible. At least twice a week, vacuum it, and arrange yearly routine professional carpet cleaning.
  • Shedding – You might notice that your carpet is losing a lot of its carpet fibers. The good news is that this is common. The bad news is you’re going to need to do some substantial, constant cleaning before it stops. Fortunately, most of the time, all it takes to stop carpet shedding is a lot of perseverance and persistent vacuuming, rather than any major carpet repairs.
  • Discolouration – Your carpet can become stained by a number of typical staining substances including food, drink, or pets. While different stains require different cleaning methods, the majority can be removed with the right cleaning agents. You should always treat a stain as soon as you become aware of it, for some long-lasting stains you may need to get a deep clean from a professional carpet cleaner.
  • Split seams and tears – Whether it’s open seams, visible seams or frayed seams, there is a fix for everything. Once a seam starts splitting, it can just get worse within a few days, so call the carpet pros as soon as you can.
    If you’re experiencing any issues that may warrant carpet repair or replacement, contact a carpet repair service such as Impressions Carpet & Hardwood, in Arvada, CO and they can help fix your carpet for you.

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