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What Causes Carpet Problems?

Carpet is a popular flooring choice for many homeowners due to its warmth, comfort, and aesthetics. However, like any other material, carpets are prone to certain issues and problems. Understanding the common causes of carpet problems can help homeowners take preventative measures and extend the lifespan of their carpets. From heavy furniture to improper installation, this blog will explore the various factors that can contribute to carpet problems and offer simple solutions to avoid them. So, whether it’s loose fibers, buckled carpet, or frayed edges, read on to learn about the causes and solutions for common carpet problems.

Heavy Furniture

Heavy objects or furniture can wreak havoc on carpets, causing lasting damage like buckling and indentations. To preserve your carpet’s appearance and lifespan, it’s crucial to take preventive steps. When moving heavy furniture, opt for lifting and carrying rather than dragging.

Alternatively, place plywood sheets beneath furniture to create a smooth surface that evenly distributes weight and prevents sinking. Another effective strategy involves regularly rearranging your furniture, which helps distribute the weight more evenly and reduces the risk of permanent marks.

Carpet Fiber

Carpet fibers come in different types, each with their own characteristics and potential issues. Understanding these differences is crucial when selecting the right carpet for your needs.

Nylon is one of the most popular carpet fibers due to its durability and stain resistance. It can withstand heavy foot traffic and is resistant to soil and fading. However, nylon carpets may be prone to static electricity and can be expensive.

Polyester is another common carpet fiber known for its vibrant colors and softness. It is stain resistant and affordable, but it may not be as durable as nylon and can flatten quickly under heavy furniture.

Olefin, also known as polypropylene, is a synthetic fiber that is highly resistant to stains, moisture, and fading. It is often used in outdoor carpets or in areas with high humidity. However, olefin carpets can be prone to crushing and may not be as comfortable as other fibers.

For those with allergies, consider carpet fibers like nylon or polyester that are hypoallergenic and easier to clean. Additionally, look for carpets with low VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions to improve indoor air quality.

By understanding the characteristics and potential issues of different carpet fibers, you can make an informed decision that suits your specific needs and circumstances.

Improper Installation

Improper installation often leads to carpet problems, such as buckling. Buckling occurs when the carpet forms ripples or waves, creating an uneven surface that can be hazardous and unsightly.

Inadequate stretching is a key factor in carpet buckling. When the carpet is not stretched tightly enough during installation, it can become loose over time, leading to ripples and waves. Proper installation requires the use of a power stretcher, which stretches the carpet evenly from wall to wall, eliminating any excess wrinkles or slack.

Another aspect of improper installation that can cause buckling is the improper use of tack strips. Tack strips are strips of wood or metal with multiple small spikes that hold the carpet in place along the edges. If the tack strips are not properly installed or are positioned too close to the wall, the carpet may not have enough room to expand and contract with temperature changes, resulting in buckling.

Additionally, failure to allow the carpet to acclimate to the temperature conditions of the installation area can contribute to buckling. Carpets are typically stored in rolls, which can cause the fibers to become compressed. Allowing the carpet to acclimate to the temperature and humidity of the installation area before installation ensures that it expands and adjusts properly, reducing the risk of buckling.

To prevent carpet buckles, it is important to follow correct installation procedures, and we are here to assist you. To ensure proper carpet installation and minimize bucking, we will use a power stretcher for adequate stretching, carefully position tack strips to allow for carpet movement, and allow the carpet to acclimate before installation. Contact us today for all your carpet cleaning service needs!

Common Carpet Issues

Common carpet problems can be caused by various factors, which can affect the appearance and lifespan of the carpet. The retention of texture surface flattens fibers over time, resulting in an uneven and worn appearance. Extended exposure to sunlight can cause colors to fade, resulting in a loss of the carpet’s appeal.

High-traffic areas often experience stains and soiling, which can affect their appearance. Pilling is a common issue in lower quality carpets, which can give them an unkempt appearance. Flattening from heavy furniture and foot traffic, along with indentations, can decrease the carpet’s appeal. Other issues include pile reversal, shedding, loop snagging, and delamination. Addressing these concerns requires consistent maintenance, thorough cleaning, and diligent attention.

Understanding the Basics of Carpet Maintenance

Proper carpet maintenance is essential for keeping your carpets looking clean and beautiful for years to come. Regular cleaning and care can help prevent common carpet problems and prolong the life of your carpets.

One of the most important steps in carpet maintenance is regular cleaning. Regular vacuuming is key to removing dirt, dust, and allergens from the carpet fibers, preventing them from becoming embedded and causing damage. Vacuuming at least once a week is recommended.

When vacuuming, it is important to use the proper technique. Slowly and evenly move the vacuum across the carpet in multiple directions to ensure thorough cleaning. Pay special attention to areas with heavier foot traffic, as these areas are more prone to wear and tear.

To further minimize wear and tear in heavy traffic areas, consider using small rugs or runners. This is a simple solution that can help protect the carpet from excessive dirt and damage on the daily.

In addition to regular vacuuming and using rugs, it is important to address spills and carpet stains promptly. Blotting the affected area with a clean cloth or paper towel can help absorb the spill, preventing it from setting into the carpet fibers. Avoid rubbing or scrubbing, as this can push the stain further into the carpet, resulting in permanent stains.

By understanding and implementing these carpet cleaning tips, you can prevent common problems and keep your carpets looking fresh and clean for years to come. Regular cleaning and care are key to maintaining beautiful carpeting.

Need some assistance with your carpet cleaning? Call us today! Choose Impressions encourages homeowners to develop an understanding of the importance of maintaining and preserving the beauty and durability of their carpets.

Maintaining and Caring for Hardwood Floors with Our Bona Hardwood Floor Solutions

Benefits of Cleaning Hardwood Floors with Bona Products

Maintaining and caring for hardwood floors is crucial for their beauty and longevity. Bona, the number one ranked brand in Denver for Hardwood floor cleaning solutions, offers a range of cleaners and care products that provide efficient and effective cleaning. Their specially formulated cleaners ensure a residue-free and streak-free pristine floor surface. Gentle yet powerful, these products remove dirt, grime, and stubborn stains without harsh chemicals. They are safe for all types of hardwood flooring finishes, making them versatile. Bona also has cleaning tools like their microfiber mop and floor-brush attachment, designed to work perfectly with their cleaners for optimal results. With Choose Impressions and our partnership with Bona, you can trust that your hardwood floors will be well-cared for, maintaining their beauty and durability for years to come.

Deep Cleaning with Bona Products

Revitalize your dull and lifeless hardwood floors with Bona Hardwood Floor Deep Cleaner. Unlike regular cleaning products, this powerful hydrogen peroxide floor cleaner goes deeper to eliminate stubborn stains, grime, and dirt buildup, restoring your floors’ natural glow and leaving them beautiful and refreshed. We spray the cleaner onto your floors and mop with a microfiber mop or a damp cloth. The formula then breaks down dirt while the mop gently lifts and absorbs it. Bona products are specially formulated for hardwood floors, ensuring a safe and effective deep cleaning without harsh chemicals.

To preserve your investment, a protective layer is skillfully applied, filling in micro-scratches and evening out the appearance, resulting in stunning hardwood floors that will endure a lifetime. This exceptional service is surprisingly affordable! Experience the fastest, easiest, and most cost-effective method to enhance the beauty of your hardwood floors and maintain their pristine condition. Embrace the safety of the process with no harsh chemicals, as it is specially formulated for hardwood floors, boasting low VOCs and minimal fumes. The Bona Deep Clean System is GREENGUARD Children & Schools Certified, ensuring a responsible and eco-friendly choice. Smartly priced, it offers remarkable value, comparable to carpet cleaning expenses, while effectively safeguarding your valuable hardwood floor investment, ensuring they always look their best.

Tips for Keeping Hardwood Floors Clean and Maintained

Hardwood floors add a touch of elegance and beauty to any home, but they require proper care and maintenance to retain their luster and durability. Here are some tips to help you keep your hardwood floors looking clean and beautiful for years to come.

Regularly Vacuum or Sweep the Floor Surface

Regularly maintaining the cleanliness and longevity of your hardwood floors is crucial. Opt for a broom with synthetic fiber ends or a vacuum with a floor-brush attachment to remove light dust, dirt, and pet hair gently. These tools ensure no scratches or damage during the cleaning process. A broom collects dust without scratching the wood, while a vacuum’s floor-brush attachment efficiently lifts dirt from crevices. This preventive routine reduces scratches and long-term damage, preserving the beauty and protection of your hardwood floors for years to come.

Floor Protectors and Furniture Polish

To maintain the beauty of your hardwood floors, prioritize prevention. Utilize floor protectors, like furniture pads made of felt or rubber, to shield against scratches and damage caused by furniture. Furniture sliders are another excellent option for smooth gliding without abrasions, particularly for heavy items. When polishing, opt for water-based or non-toxic furniture polishes specially designed for hardwood floors, avoiding oil-based or wax-based products that can lead to buildup and dullness. Regular dusting and prompt cleaning of spills with a soft cloth will keep your hardwood floors looking polished, ensuring their long-lasting beauty.

Use a Mild Detergent or Soap to Remove Stubborn Stains

To effectively remove stubborn stains from hardwood floors, follow these steps: Gently scrape off caked-on food or debris, then dampen a clean cloth with warm water and rub the stained area in a circular motion. Absorb excess moisture with a dry cloth to prevent water damage. For persistent stains, apply a small amount of mild detergent or soap solution to the cloth and repeat the gentle rubbing motion. Always test any cleaning solution in an inconspicuous area first to avoid discoloration or damage. With patience and the right technique, you can maintain the beauty of your hardwood floors by tackling pesky stains.

Dry the Floor Immediately After Mopping

Drying your hardwood floor immediately after mopping is vital for maintaining its beauty and integrity. Excess moisture can lead to long-term damage like warping, swelling, or mold growth. After mopping, use a clean, dry cloth to carefully wipe the floor surface, paying attention to areas with lingering water. Consider using Bona’s Microfiber Mop, specially designed for hardwood floors, with highly absorbent microfiber pads that leave the floor completely dry. By taking this extra step, you can prevent damage and keep your hardwood floors looking beautiful for years to come.

Regular cleaning is important in maintaining your hardwood floors. To make this task easier and more efficient, work with us at Choose Impressions, where we use the best of the best products like our Bona Deep Cleaning products. Bona hardwood floor cleaners are specially formulated to effectively clean without causing any damage to the delicate surface of the wood.

It is important to remember that different types of hardwood flooring may have different finishes. When working with us at Choose Impressions, we understand this and always choose the appropriate cleaning method accordingly. Using Bona gives us a range of products tailored to different types of finishes, such as waterborne finishes or protective finishes, providing the best care and protection for each specific flooring type.

By regularly cleaning and maintaining hardwood floors with Choose Impressions and Bona products, you can enjoy beautiful and durable floors for years to come. Incorporating Bona into your cleaning routine not only ensures efficient floor care but also contributes to the overall health and appearance of your home. Invest in our methods at Choose Impressions and get top-tier floor cleaning products and services that will leave your floors as polished as possible. Call us today to discuss our Bona Wood Floor Cleaner services and the other available services we offer at Choose Impressions.

Carpet Care: Essential Tips and Tricks for Maintenance and Longevity

The Benefits of Carpet

Carpets offer style and various benefits, but proper maintenance is essential. Professional carpet cleaning removes deep-seated dirt and allergens, improving air quality and extending carpet lifespan. Regular vacuuming prevents stains and premature wear. The Carpet & Rug Institute recommends vacuuming, addressing spills promptly, and professional cleaning every 12-18 months. By caring for carpets, homeowners can enjoy their benefits and prolong their lifespan. Remember to vacuum regularly and schedule professional cleanings from Choose Impressions to maintain beautiful carpets.

Regular Vacuuming

Regular vacuuming is a crucial aspect of maintaining and caring for your carpet. It helps to remove surface dirt, dust, and particles that can become embedded in the carpet fibers over time. Foot traffic, especially in high-traffic areas, can cause these particles to grind against the carpet strands, resulting in a dull and worn-out appearance. By vacuuming regularly, you not only improve the overall cleanliness of your carpet but also prevent these particles from causing premature wear and tear. Additionally, regular vacuuming plays a vital role in preventing allergens from accumulating in the carpet, leading to better indoor air quality. Vacuuming at least once a week and more frequently in high-traffic areas is recommended to keep your carpets clean and well-maintained.

Tips for Vacuuming Carpets

Regular vacuuming is crucial for maintaining carpets and extending their lifespan. Follow these tips for effective carpet vacuuming: adjust the height according to carpet type, vacuum high-traffic areas at least twice a week, and use slow overlapping strokes for thorough cleaning. Regular vacuuming offers benefits like removing dust and soil particles, preserving appearance and color, and extending carpet lifespan. Remember, deep cleaning methods like steam cleaning or professional services are also important periodically. By following these tips and maintaining a cleaning schedule, your carpets will stay in great condition for years to come.

Deep Cleaning Methods

When it comes to maintaining and caring for your carpets, regular vacuuming is important, but sometimes you need to go the extra mile with deep cleaning methods to keep them looking and feeling their best. Deep cleaning not only removes surface dirt and stains but also eliminates embedded debris and allergens that can accumulate over time. There are a few effective deep cleaning methods you can employ to revitalize your carpets, such as steam cleaning and using carpet cleaners. Steam cleaning, also known as hot water extraction, uses hot water and a cleaning solution to penetrate deep into the carpet fibers and lift away dirt and grime. Carpet cleaners, whether rented or professional-grade, offer a more thorough cleaning than regular vacuuming and can dissolve tough stains and odors. By incorporating deep cleaning methods into your carpet care routine, you can ensure that your carpets stay fresh, clean, and in great condition for years to come.

Choose Impression Carpet Cleaning

When it comes to carpet cleaning in Denver, Impressions Carpet and Hardwoods should be your top choice. What sets Impressions apart from run-of-the-mill carpet cleaners are our five core values: reputation, experience, education, systems, and guarantee.

With over 30 years of experience, Impressions has encountered and successfully tackled every soiling condition and cleaned various carpet and fabric types. We are committed to staying up-to-date with the latest industry standards and hold multiple certifications from the IICRC, the world’s most recognized certification body for carpet and upholstery cleaners.

Impressions Carpet and Hardwoods employs advanced cleaning systems that deliver exceptional results. Our 12-step cleaning process ensures maximum soil and spot removal without over wetting the carpet or leaving behind a sticky residue, effectively restoring carpets to their factory condition.

To further demonstrate our confidence in their services, Impressions offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We stand behind our ability to thoroughly and correctly clean your carpets, ensuring your complete satisfaction.

Preventative Care Tips

To preserve your carpets’ appearance and durability, proactive measures are crucial. Implementing simple preventative care tips can extend their lifespan and keep them looking fresh.

1. Door Mats: Place durable mats at entrances to prevent dirt and debris from being tracked onto carpets. Encourage wiping feet before entering to minimize transfer.

2. No Shoes Indoors: Shoes can bring dirt, oil, and stains. Enforce a no-shoe policy or provide an area for shoes to be removed, reducing the risk of damage.

3. HVAC Air Filters: Regularly change air filters to minimize airborne debris settling on carpets. Improved indoor air quality helps prevent dirt accumulation.

By adopting these preventative care tips, you’ll significantly reduce dirt, stains, and potential damage to your carpets. Combine them with regular maintenance and professional cleanings for long-lasting, beautiful carpets.

When it comes to carpet cleaning, Impressions Carpet and Hardwoods embodies professionalism, experience, education, and cutting-edge systems. With our exceptional reputation and commitment to customer satisfaction, choosing Impressions is a decision you can trust for outstanding carpet cleaning results. Contact us today!

Common Carpet Issues & How to Repair Your Carpet

No matter how much you clean and take care of your carpets, there are a few issues that you will face along the way. Below, are some common issues with carpets:

  • Wear – Over time, carpets will begin to exhibit some wear. Proper cleaning and upkeep are the best methods to keep your carpeting looking spotless for as long as possible. At least twice a week, vacuum it, and arrange yearly routine professional carpet cleaning.
  • Shedding – You might notice that your carpet is losing a lot of its carpet fibers. The good news is that this is common. The bad news is you’re going to need to do some substantial, constant cleaning before it stops. Fortunately, most of the time, all it takes to stop carpet shedding is a lot of perseverance and persistent vacuuming, rather than any major carpet repairs.
  • Discolouration – Your carpet can become stained by a number of typical staining substances including food, drink, or pets. While different stains require different cleaning methods, the majority can be removed with the right cleaning agents. You should always treat a stain as soon as you become aware of it, for some long-lasting stains you may need to get a deep clean from a professional carpet cleaner.
  • Split seams and tears – Whether it’s open seams, visible seams or frayed seams, there is a fix for everything. Once a seam starts splitting, it can just get worse within a few days, so call the carpet pros as soon as you can.
    If you’re experiencing any issues that may warrant carpet repair or replacement, contact a carpet repair service such as Impressions Carpet & Hardwood, in Arvada, CO and they can help fix your carpet for you.

How To Tell If Your Carpet Needs Stretching?

Everyone who owns carpet certainly agrees that it adds comfort and style to your home. While having your carpets cleaned on a regular basis is important for cleanliness, overtime you may need to repair your carpets in other ways. Like most things, damage is inevitable and there are different reasons for your carpet being ruined, even if the initial installation was done perfectly. Many carpet issues are preventable such as vacuuming in areas with heavy foot traffic or regular deep cleanings, but time is something you can’t control. Fortunately, there are methods out there for restoring your carpet to its previous state that go beyond cleaning and avoid a full carpet replacement. One such method for repair is stretching the carpet.

What Is Carpet Stretching?

Although many people may not be familiar with this expression, it’s pretty straightforward. Carpet stretching involves pulling the carpet tighter and reinserting it into place. So how do you know when you need this practice done? There are a few obvious signs to look out for:

  • A wrinkled or lumpy appearance
  • Areas that don’t lie flat
  • Carpet pulling up at the edges or where other flooring meets
  • Burns and holes
  • Seams and pulls

Acting fast is the best way to get your carpets looking their best. Carpet stretching should be done by professionals since it requires special equipment and experience. Companies may vary in what method they use, for example, Impressions Carpet & Hardwood uses full room pole stretches, which stretches the entire room making your carpets look fresher and beautiful. Other companies may opt for using knee kickers and tacking strips to make the carpet taut.

If you’re looking for repair services such as carpet stretching because your carpet is showing telltale signs of damage and you’d like to restore it to its original condition, then you should get in touch with Impressions Carpet and Hardwood in Arvada, CO.

How long do you have to stay off the carpet after cleaning?

To keep carpets lovely and clean you will need to maintain a regular cleaning pattern. Getting a professional carpet cleaning is a great way to get rid of any dirt, dust and debris that settle into your dirty carpet over time, causing brown spots, permanent stains, pet stains and more.

Most carpets typically need anywhere from 6-24 hours for dry time after a deep cleaning. This is dependent on multiple factors such as:

  • Time of year
  • Air circulation
  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • Professional cleaning method

These four factors could either mean your carpets will have a faster or shorter drying time.

Can I Speed Up The Process?

If you’re truly desperate to get those carpets dry without ruining them, there are a few ways you may be able to decrease a carpets drying process:

  • Fans
  • Open Windows
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Air conditioning

We understand that carpets are typically found in rooms that take up a significant portion of your living space, which is why businesses such as Impressions, in Arvada, CO, provide customers with plastic shoe covers so you can walk on your carpets as soon as we’re finished. When moving from damp carpet onto slippery services such as hardwood, be cautious of sliding dangers. Keep an eye on kids to prevent slipping or falls. Although walking is fine in either shoe covers or clean socks it is advised to wait until sufficient time has passed and the carpet is completely dry before moving any furniture back into the room. This is because moving furniture too soon can dent the carpet fibers and possibly cause rust stains.

How Often Should You Get Your Carpets Cleaned?

Even though daily vacuuming of your carpets could seem excessive, there are necessary steps you should take to keep your carpets looking new. If you notice even the smallest mark, leaving it will just make it more difficult to get rid of. Therefore, as soon as you notice a stain you should get your cleaning supplies out and try removing the stain or spillage.

It is also recommended for you to have your carpets professionally cleaned on a regular basis, at least once a year. Depending on your lifestyle, this could change to every 6 months. Some factors may result in you needing to get your carpets professionally cleaned more, such as:

  • Children
  • Pets and muddy paw prints
  • Light colored carpets
  • Family members with allergies
  • Wearing shoes on your carpet
  • Living spaces with heavy foot traffic
  • Unsightly stains

Leave It To The Professionals

Knowing when to clean your carpets and giving proper care is essential to help extend its life – you don’t want to be buying new carpets every couple of years. Carpets are a sizable monetary investment for your household, which is why it’s necessary to hire professional carpet cleaners for a completely clean carpet. These teams can extract embedded dirt particles and debris using technology and professional chemicals to get into places you might not be able to.

Let Us Help

With over 30 years of experience and a great 5 star rating, here at Impressions we will be able to give you an affordable and reliable carpet cleaning service, bringing your carpets back to looking clean and fresh, even in your high-traffic areas. Contact us for more information, and we can advise you on what kind of service you may need and how we’ll keep your Arvada carpets clean.

Steps to Prepare Your Home for Professional Carpet Cleaning

Carpets can last many years, but it’s important to take extra care of them and have professional cleanings on a regular basis to improve longevity. In preparation for your next deep cleaning, there are a few things you need to do to get ready before a carpet cleaning professional arrives.

  • Remove furniture: Remove all items of furniture from the area that is being cleaned, if items are non-moveable or too heavy just place them out of the way against the wall. It’s also best to put away any delicate items that you don’t want to risk being broken, just in case.
  • Take pets out: Most people love animals, and although they are very cute, they can sometimes get in the way of doing the job, so take them out or entertain them in a separate room so the professionals can do their job.
  • Find the issues you want solved: Have a look at your carpet and write down any spots, high-traffic areas, or stains you find. This way when the professionals arrive, you can communicate with them, any areas you feel may need certain attention.
  • Vacuum: Try to remove most of the dirt and debris before your carpet cleaners arrive
  • Kids: If you have children, keep them away. Not only can they get in the way, but they can also put themselves in danger by being around chemicals. It’s best if you let the carpet cleaning company get on with their job peacefully to get the best outcomes.

You now know what needs to be done and how it should be done. Working with knowledgeable and skilled carpet cleaning professionals such as Impressions will increase the effectiveness of the professional carpet cleaning service.

What You Need To Know Before Hiring A Carpet Cleaner

Choosing a carpet cleaning service can be a struggle. There are loads of options in Arvada, CO, so it’s difficult to know which place is best and why. You’ll want to choose a specialist who will treat your carpeting with care because it’s one of the most valuable investments in your home.

Things To Understand About Your Carpet Cleaning Company

You should always have some knowledge of what to expect before you get your carpets cleaned, as every carpet cleaning company has different carpet cleaning methods and may not always be the same.

  • Method: There are different approaches that vary between companies when performing the Carpet Cleaning process. For example: The Wet Steam Cleaning method, which has a longer drying process, or a Dry Carpet Cleaning which almost instantly allows you to walk back on your carpets. Other options include those that utilize more environmentally friendly materials or other cleaning solutions or detergents. At Impressions, we really care about your loved ones and offer a detergent-free, non toxic water based cleaning process that is also safe for kids and pets.
  • Insurance: Does the company offer insurance if anything were to go wrong? Carpets are one of the biggest investments in a house, and you don’t want it to end up ruined, if a mistake were to occur.
  • References : Don’t be afraid to ask for some references from previous work. Impressions is a great example of a company that is proud of their professional carpet cleaning services, displaying customer reviews right on the website.

The most important factor to take into account when picking a carpet cleaning company is experience. Impressions has over 30 years of carpet cleaning experience so why not chat with a carpet cleaning technician in Arvada, Colorado today?

How to Maintain Your Upholstered Chairs and Sofas

The sofas and chairs we have in our homes are places of rest and relaxation. They serve as a place to unwind and take a break from activities. These furniture pieces are sometimes used every day, and because of that, they need regular maintenance. Otherwise, the upholstered furniture will begin to look worn and dirty. Whether there is excessive use or not, upholstered furniture can be susceptible to stubborn stains, pet hair, accumulation of dust, and more. Proper maintenance can help extend the appearance and service life of upholstered fabric sofas and chairs. Below we will cover how to maintain these valuable pieces of furniture for long-term appearance and value. At Impressions Carpet & Hardwoods, we offer top-quality upholstered furniture cleaning services to keep your precious upholstered furniture looking elegant and timeless for as long as possible, along with other cleaning and restorations services for carpets and hardwood floors.

To help you maintain your upholstered furniture between regular cleanings, here are some tips:

Clean Spills Quickly

Accidental spills happen and sometimes on upholstered furniture. In order to prevent staining, it is important to pay close attention to spills and clean them off of your upholstered furniture quickly. Never rub the spill, which will only press it deeper into the material. But rather, blot the spill with a soft, clean cloth. If you use a spot cleaner, test the product on a small, discreet location before applying it to more visible areas. This will allow you to tell if this stain protection is the right match for the fabric, before applying it to a stain or visible area.

Vacuum Often

Vacuuming upholstered furniture once per week is often sufficient to prevent accumulation of dust and debris from lodging into the fabric. If you have leather upholstery, then dusting the leather furniture about once a week with a soft, clean cloth should be sufficient. If your vacuum cleaner has a crevice tool, you can use it to clean in tight areas and corners, and ensure to be gentle.

Protect From Sunlight and Pollutants

If your upholstered fabric is exposed to direct sunlight for a lengthy period of time day after day, it may fade or fray. If possible, position furniture so that its exposure to sunlight is limited – this is particularly helpful for delicate fabrics such as silk. Also, minimize the dispersion of fumes and smoke in the vicinity of your furniture due to cooking.

Rotate Cushions

You can extend the appearance and service life of your upholstered furniture by regularly rotating the cushions. Move and flip the sofa cushions about one time per month to help prevent them from flattening. You can also move and turn throw pillows on occasion to keep them fluffy.

Professional Cleaning

In addition to routine maintenance and cleaning, it is ideal to have upholstered furniture cleaned by professional cleaners at least once a year – more if kids and/or pets are present in the home. A professional upholstery cleaner will help remove deep odors and soil, and bring back the furniture’s colors. The result is a fresh, revitalized look that makes your furniture look and feel brand new.

To learn about our upholstery cleaning and other services we offer for carpets and hardwoods at Impressions Carpet & Hardwoods, give us a call today at 303.274.5100 or reach us through our contact form.

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